"He connected me to my own gifts."

JP gave me an amazing reading in August 2017. From the moment he started, I knew he was the real deal. The experience was far more than a tarot reading. JP has the ability to connect emotionally, spiritually and with so much compassion.

He felt my Dad's pain here on Earth, and that meant a lot to me that he could "see" my father and all he feared his whole life. He helped me know that I truly can trust my intuition, which deepened my connection to my higher self. He connected me to my own gifts and the abundance that is always there for me. He set me free from something that my mind was not perceiving with love, but with fear. The changes that took place in me where immediate. JP gives his whole heart and his amazing gift with love. And I'm forever grateful to him for the experience we shared. He is probably one of the sweetest people you will meet. I love you JP!

— Sandy A., Boston


"My body was left in harmonic alignment."

JP’s hands are natural tuning forks. Whatever they encounter they harmonize to the highest potential. Working over chakras and ailing areas of the body, JP is able to alleviate disease of any kind whether emotional or physical. My body was left in harmonic alignment for no less than a week after my session and I continue to hold the benefits of the work. Additionally, his intuition and tarot abilities and life guidance is sharp and accurate. With a full, kind heart set on helping others, JP is the real deal.”

— Greg P., Los Angeles


"I felt like a new person with renewed energies flowing throughout my body and mind."

Today was my lucky day... I was blessed to receive amazing energy and body healing from JP Martin in the serene surroundings of Boti Studios. During the session, I felt my body and mind relaxing while the stress and aches and pains I carry around were released.... Afterward, I felt like a new person with renewed energies flowing throughout my body and mind Thank you JP. Recommend to everyone!

— Carole B., Long Beach


"He tells the truth he sees."

I highly recommend JP to anyone who is looking for an authentic and great reader/ healer who’s energy is simply amazing and very calming. What I also love about him is that he tells you the truth he sees and tells it to you in a kind and understandable manner. 

He works with you and brings all his attention to only you, so you feel cared for and comfortable. He truly cares and has such a purity about him. Not to mention his smile that makes you feel at home. 🙂

Thank you J.P. for the sessions you’ve given me. I will continuously go to you. And for healings. Blessings!

— Nikolett B., Los Angeles


"An uncanny ability to get to the heart of a situation"

I have called JP quite a few times over the past several months to get guidance over various decisions I have had to make, both big and small. He is a skilled clairvoyant, with an uncanny ability to get to the heart of a situation, anticipating the question even before it is asked. He saw everything to the last detail around an out-of-town trip I had to make recently - including the fact that I would be kept waiting (I was.) He has the kindest demeanor which is almost as important as what is relayed in the cards. I strongly recommend a session with him.”

— Kavita R., West Hills


"I trust you from the bottom of my heart."

Dear JP,

I have been truly amazed by your reading! Without me telling you anything about my past and my current worries, you exactly described my situation! I am waiting for my new encounter, as you told me it could happen during the upcoming months. I will be waiting gently, and the main thing is i trust you from the bottom of my heart. You are my guide! Thank you for being on my side. You are awesome!

-— Nathalie R., Paris