Hot Hands Session

I’m a natural healer. The purpose of hot hands sessions is to help you heal yourself. Most physical pains are linked to anxiety and stress, so the healing is all about leading you to an awareness of your own patterns.

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On my magic table, the first thing I do in your 50 minute session is take you to absolute tranquility to help you disconnect from the chaos and turmoil of the outside world. Next, the energy of my hands helps you to understand the source of your physical and emotional pain and ultimately remove your blockages. While my method is based on formal Reiki training, I have my own unique approach. I’m very instinctive and straight to the point. During the healing, I pick up psychic insights (aura colors, past lives, physical weaknesses, temperament, etc.) which will be insightful to you.

Whether you choose a hands-on or hands-off session, you sense a very intense, but comforting heat throughout the entire time. As my energy moves into your body, you feel a great sense of relief.  You also may see colors and bright images, even hear sounds that I encourage you to share with me. Days after the session, you'll still feel freed, cleansed, energized and more joyful.

Energy healing is not a substitute for medical examination or diagnosis. It is recommended to see a M. D. for any physical or mental ailment.



Tarot Reading

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With my Tarot de Marseille deck, I answer all questions regarding love/relationships, family, business, money and energy.

For me, Tarot is just a gateway, as I receive many messages and insights for you beyond the cards. My ability to connect to the spiritual world and my strong intuition allows me to describe the nature and characteristics of people. I share the truth as it is revealed to me to provide guidance. The more precise your questions, the more specific my answers will be. Also, don't forget that Tarot is for entertainment only !