There are 2 types of things impacting us physically, and they are extremely connected. The first is what I call "external factors", like traumas, bad news, losses, negative situations on the whole. The second type, "internal factors", are our reactions and feelings regarding an event classified in the first type. Usually those feelings are fear, sadness, despair, depression, anxiety, anger, frustration, resentment. They can also be more positive, even though the external factors are not positive. Some people react to bad news or traumas with hope, resilience, unexpected strength. But most of the time, because they affect our body, response to negative external factors are, deep inside, lived very harshly. As we know, the range of physical dis-eases is very broad, and goes from a stiffnesss in the neck to tumors. When I heal someone, I can feel which parts of the body has been impacted by negative external factors, that I sense too. This helps tremedously the person to get better. My hands dissolve the energy and feelings generated by bad external factors, and after one session, people feel already lighter and clearer. They start to understand how they got physically hit by traumas or even something that was said to them. I feel so honored to be able to do my best and work thru the fascinating process of human life.