Do you want your life to change? Have you started to do something you never did before in order to take a new direction? Is it hot yoga? Meditation? Pottery? Spin classes? Reiki? Whatever it is, I have one little advice : keep on doing it. Every day or anytime you can. We all have a lot to do on a daily basis, so it's useless to have five activities on top of working hard, cleaning the house, paying the bills and watching Netflix. If you have one new activity, it's perfect. But just keep on doing it. Don't stop. Because, guess what : results and satisfaction don't come straight away. It takes three weeks to feel the benefit of something that is good for you. Yes, like it takes three weeks to get rid of the addiction of smoking and drinking. Same thing. So, tomorrow morning, do again this new thing that is so good for you. Go run in the neighbourhood for 30 minutes. But don't do it once. Do it every morning, or as often as you can. It's the only way to make this change in your life that you know is gonna be so AMAZING. Sending you tons of love, JP.