Take a moment to SEE what you want

Do you feel stressed today ? Tense ? Amped up ? Angry ? Stop !... Please, if you can do this, just lock the doors of your place, drink a full glass of water with lemon juice and a tad of vinegar in it, and lay down for five minutes. Not on your bed, but on a massage table if you have one, or on the floor. If silence can be your guest, even better ! Close your eyes and breathe very very deeply at least ten times. Don’t worry if your breathing is weird, loud and not natural (lol). Do it ! Then as you keep on breathing that way, start visualizing a peaceful ocean, with a warm breeze and only the sound of the gentle waves. Then, on the waves, start to create images of things you’d like to happen TODAY. It can be a quiet day spent on your own, reading or gardening, a nice talk with your partner, a professional mission that you wrap up very smoothly, a friend you have a drink with. Very simple « basic » things. But make them live before your eyes. If you do the same « exercise » for a few days, you can star creating other images, like « bigger » things you wanna achieve. By example a new office that you’d like to have or a better, a house of yours by the beach (even like the one on the picture), a more fluid financial situation. Or a new love coming into your life. Or news from your mother or brother with whom you’ve been estranged. Actually, it can be ANYTHING. Because EVERYTHING is possible if you mentally create the image of it. Again, it’s a training, try to do that as often as you can. Visualizing really facilitates changes. Have a fantastic day my friends.