There's no such thing as a life without changes. Life is all about changes. Change is ongoing. Change is the essence of life. Every day, we experience tiny, little or important changes, whether we want it or not. A pregnancy, a wedding, a break up, a divorce, a disease, a layoff, an accident, the death of a friend or a loved one, a meeting, a conversation with a stranger in the bus, a specific letter in the mail, a promotion, a hook up, a speech we hear, a dream we have at night : to list changes is impossible. But you know what I mean. What I mean, is that a change is something that makes us slightly or greatly different than before it occurred. Death, of course, is the ultimate change, per se, transporting us from the physical world to the invisible and eternal world. It's not a surprise : most people simply hate change and do everything, try very hard to keep their life exactly the way it is. Change will and does find them anyway, and maybe more so than people ready to embrace change every time :) Change is challenging, but necessary. Vital. Nobody can't get away with it. Thru change, we show our degree of ability to adapt and grow. Without changes, here on Earth, our soul can not evolve. What has been the most challenging change in your life so far ? Sending you love, have a great weekend, JP.

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