I realize that when I force myself to do too many things in one day, it's like putting too many sheets of paper in my little printer. There's a bug! Paper gets stuck and it's a big mess ! :) So now, what I do is write down in the morning the things that I ABSOLUTELY need to do. Let's say, by examples, my meditation, my walk or work out or yoga to reach my 10,000 steps, a healing session or/and Tarot reading if scheduled, one or two posts on social media and of course, my journalist work. Regarding my articles, I know by now I'm totally unable to write 100 lines in one full day. It is impossible for me, I need more time to think, edit what I write... So I dedicate 2 days for an article that long. I need to do other things than write, it's crucial.

So please, try, yourself, to write down only 3 or 4 things - NO MORE ! - that are imperative to do during your day. You'll do them more freely, with less stress and anxiety. I used to want to do EVERYTHING in the same day, or as much as possible, like I would be dead the day after. We have to remember every day that there's always another day for the things we didn't do today. And another day, and another day :) Love you, take good care of yourself, JP




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