Make a change!

Happy new year, my friends! What are the things you want to achieve in 2018? Which word would you write at first on the blank page of this new year? On the other hand, if you want your life to change, I have a tip for you :) I suggest you start by making, let's say, 1 change in your life. By example, as of today, you start hiking one hour a day or quit drinking booze during the week. Or you decide to take pottery classes or meditate for 20 minutes every morning. By making this change, you let the universe know that you're ready for a change of a bigger scale, which will occur in your life in no time ! Believe me, this is how it works ! Also, never forget to ask the universe for specific things, by writing down affirmations like "I have a (new) job that I love", "I have money", "I live with abundance", "I'm surrounded by positive and generous people", etc. Please, don't hesitate to comment and share your experiences with me! Love, JP