JP Martin Healing

My story...

My first name is Jean-Philippe (JP for short) and yes, my mother tongue is French. I was born and raised in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium. At 22, after getting my journalism degree, I started a career as a print and TV entertainment reporter. At the very beginning, I was not aware that, most of the time, I was actually reading the celebrities and artists I was interviewing.

I’ve always had the ability to delve beyond the conscious realm into the inner lives and spiritual journeys of peoples’ past, present and future. It took me a while to actually recognize that gift. The same is true with the Tarot. I’ve known for many years how to read the cards, but at first, I let other psychics read them for me. Above all, spirituality has always been a deep part of my life, fueling my fascination with Buddhism, reincarnation, Kunda-Lini, meditation and tantrism.
In 2012, I left Brussels and moved to Los Angeles on assignment as a Hollywood correspondent for the Belgian publication. The stress and anxiety of these earlier years in the U.S. brought me to a whole new level spiritually. Thanks to this difficult time, I started to communicate with my deceased and very dear grandmother, Elisabeth, who spoke to me through automatic writing. Though I was down, she always reassured me and told me that I'd meet people who would open a new path for me, which is exactly what happened. 

Finally, in the brighter, broader energy of the sunshine state, I confronted the new reality of my natural abilities to heal others. At first, I felt my left hand burning with the power to repair and restore friends and loved ones to health. Over time, both of my hands manifested healing power and I felt called, even compelled, to heal others professionally. So that is what has brought me here today to help you!